If you are like many people, then you have tried a number of diets, with varying degrees of success. You might have lost some weight but you usually get to a certain point and then nothing you do can help you lose more. This plateau is hit by almost everyone and is common amongst all of the different weight loss programs. You can't avoid the plateau problem if you don't discover how to trick your metabolism.

You've probably already dealt with the plateau problem which will probably have caused you a whole lot of discouragement and ended more than one diet plan. This is a strange thing that happens to even the most successful dieters sometime close to the third or fourth week of the diet they have chosen. Right until that point the weight seems to come off with no problems and then it just stops and nothing really works to help the body shed more pounds. This is how your body reacts to the modifications that you have made. Your body decreases your metabolic rate when you reach this point as it wants to protect you from accidental starvation. This, then, stops you from being able to get rid of more fat.

That is why people stop trying to shed weight because, this plateau keeps them from believing that doing so is possible. At this time they go back to eating, and putting on their excess fat back plus even more than they dropped usually. The best way to avoid this is to choose a diet in which you simply shift your calories. What you're trying to do is consume a different number of calories daily, which is meant to trick your metabolism. If this works on your body it will not go into "protective" mode. This will keep your body's metabolism working, as opposed to slowing down, and your body goes on to shed weight. As you get to this point, you have passed the plateau and your diet will continue to work the way that it was expected to.

It is pretty simple to integrate this type of plan into your everyday living. Most likely the most popular method of calorie shifting is the 14 day method. This program goes for 2 weeks: you do typical things for the first eleven and then in the last three you eat whatever you want. You can switch your foods during the day and deceive your metabolism and then for three days eat what you want to eat and avoid the plateau. This really is rather handy in keeping you on course with the stricter dieting programs. You could continue repeating these 14 days until you really feel content with the amount of weight you have dropped.

One other popular program is the 2 day plan in which you eat regularly one day and the next reduce your calories by between twenty and thirty five percent. You can certainly keep doing this every 2 days for as long as required to get your weight off. This is a program that deserves your attention because it could be just what you need to pass your plateau and shed all of the weight you want to lose.

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