25 July, 2014: Online food and drink portal Palate Press has recently published a feature focusing on Lucca, considering to be the best wine destination for tourists renting villas in Tuscany

In a region already famous for its wines, this small and unassuming town fifty miles west of Florence is considered to be an ‘undiscovered gem’, with the staff writer in charge of the feature write-up considering it surprising that Lucca wines manage to slide under the radar in an area as heavily publicised as Tuscany. 

Of all the wines found in not only the town itself, but the surrounding region (where it is possible to rent villas in Tuscany), the wine expert in charge of this piece singles out two denominations in particular, Colline Lucchesi and Montecarlo, as hidden treasures of Italian wine deserving to be found by enthusiasts the world over. The former is renowned mostly for its full-bodied dry reds, while the second stands out for its range of whites, and both could constitute interesting discoveries for a wine aficionado travelling in Italy. 

According to the same author, wines from the Lucca region may not reach the level of the best Italian vintages, but are quietly enjoyable in their own right and will not disappoint the discerning palate. As with most Italian vintages, the piece states, their quality has increased exponentially in recent decades, as local production and consumption gave way to international aspirations and export. The result is pleasantly palatable vintages, mostly revolving around Sangiovese, but with derivations into Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Syrah. None of these wines will leave enthusiasts visiting the region disappointed, and many are even produced within walking distance of rental villas in Tuscany, adding convenience to the list of arguments in their favour. 

The piece in question then goes on to recommend a couple of wine-tasting venues in the Lucca region where interested parties will be able to sample these and the rest of the wines from the region. 

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