25 July, 2014: According to a news piece published in a local digital news portal, the ‘Menorca En El Plato’ culinary festival, held in late June, was a hit with both locals and tourists renting Menorca villas for the summer. 

This gastronomic event, for which this was the debut edition, received an encouraging response, managing to draw considerable interest both from locals and foreigners, most of them renting Menorca villas on the island. 

Visitors who chose to look into this event had the opportunity to taste some of the Balearic island’s most famous specialities – chief among them the world-renowned Mahon cheese and gin Xoriguer, as well as the traditional ‘menjar blanc’ – at special reduced prices. In total, 12 cafes and restaurants adhered to this initiative, agreeing to lower the price of their victuals between June 27 and July 4 in order to expose them to a wider audience. Prices for full meals during this period amounted to as little as €9.80 (roughly £7.50), which will no doubt have encouraged many tourists to try the island’s various regional delicacies. 

The ‘Menorca En El Plato’ festival (which translates into ‘Menorca In The Plate’) was organised by the Menorcan Association of Bars, Cafes and Restaurants. It sought to expose the gastronomy and regional drinks of the smallest Balearic island to the large number of visitors who rent Menorca villas during the summer months. In this regard, the organisation’s objective can be said to have been accomplished, judging by the adherence reported by the article in question. 

Menorcan gastronomy has been on a steady rise in recent years, as more and more people ‘convert’ to the island’s unassuming but tasty traditional cuisine. As noted above, the Balearic’s biggest exports are Mahon cheese and gin Xoriguer, while the meal known as ‘menjar blanc’ is generally popular among the locals. 

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