Themed parties, fun gatherings, costume banquets or any other event requires entertaining element at times. These entertainment elements differ in various forms and formats. Game playing, role-plays, fun costumes, good music and specific themes all form part of a fun night any time of the year. Special effects add to the fun and entertainment aspect of any party or event and provide the wow factor. Entertainers Cyprus offer types of special effects that will enhance any party or event through the renting of special effects equipment like snow machines and fog machines, the latter acquired from fog machine rental.
There are two types of major fog machine rental options for your enjoyment. One of them is water based and it uses a special fog liquid that runs through a heater and vaporized fluid gets pushed through the spout. When it is exposed to the colder air, it creates the smoky effect. The other type makes use of ice cubes but operates on the same principle. Amongst the two it is the latter that produces a heavier fog that floats around on the ground around your ankles. Ask your entertainers Cyprus specialist which type will suit your needs better, experiment with both and then make up your mind.
Fog machines produce fog measured in cubic feet per minute. The power of the machine will determine how much cubic feet per minute fog it will produce. Your entertainers Cyprus specialist will advise you on the best fog machine rental for your needs. This will depend on the size of the area you are holding your event together with the effect you want to create or fog density that you desire. Fog machines cannot run for long periods at a time, hence this is why it is important to determine the density and area before finalizing on a machine and paying the charges levied by the rental.
Fog machine rental options also include manual operated, remote operated or timer machines. Consult your entertainers Cyprus specialist on the right option for your party or event based on size of venue, ground floating or room filling fog. When you are having the event indoors, please ensure that smoke detectors are switched off or the sensitivity adjusted during the fog show. Fog machines are particularly handy during Halloween nights. It creates an unknowing fear of what is looming in the fog. These machines also create an excellent special effect in these types of themed parties and enhance the ambience of the event.
It is also a great idea at a dance (disco) party and makes for great video or photography. Hold a mystery evening complete with ghost stories and eerie characters with scars and torn clothes to frighten the guests. A fog machine rental will create fun and fear at the same time, laughter and tears too and definitely excitement. Your entertainers Cyprus specialists can only enhance your experience by adding their knowledge and expertise in how to create a memorable event. Guests need to talk about your creativity and unique party ideas after experiencing the haunting effect of a fog machine.
When you avail entertainers Cyprus services for your event then there are aspects that come as a part of package. If the event calls for it there is provision of fog machine rental which creates a mystifying effect and adds panache to the event.