Hong Kong, 28, April 2015: People depend on computer and internet to come up with various digital presentations. These pictorial and textual presentations are required for various purposes. Be it a school project, research project, business reports, or assignments, it has multiple uses. Focusky is well known name in the digital presentation software industry owing to it’s innovate approach on the art of presentation. It is constantly banking on opportunities to improve and loves hearing from customers. There is a free plan with several features such as personal editor which is useful to create and enrich various presentations. 

The presentations created by members of Focusky can be viewed offline as well. These are almost free PowerPoint alternative in some cases. All the users are welcome to choose between professional and enterprise plan. The former plan’s presentations are manageable and accessible by up to three separate accounts. Enterprise plans allow up to ten accounts for managing the created online presentation. No limitations are imposed upon the total number of slides within the presentation. There is no need for the targeted readers to install Focusky for viewing the presentations created. 

Focusky presentation is possible in browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It is also compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and 9. The user should have resources such as Javascript enabled along with recent version of Flash player. In case of mobile devices, the user should have latest versions of Android and iOS. All of the templates created through Focusky are 100% customizable which establishes its suitability for web development activities. 

The Focusky users can access the Focusky Upload Service to store their presentations on its server. These presentations can be made available online even without hosting any website. After completion of an order, an email with relevant details such as payments amount, ID and order ID will be set to registered email address. Payment process is taken care by PayPal which ensure a secure and convenient online payment services. 

With Focusky, there is no limit imposed on the number of presentations to be made. It is up to the users to come up with as much content as possible. After cancelling the account, the presentations will remain online without going a miss. However, they may no longer be accessible through smartphones and tablets. The presentations can be published almost anywhere i.e. multiple website. All the presentation created via Focusky can be also embedded into blogs. 

About Focusky: 


Focusky Software Co. Ltd is committed to provide a variety of digital presentation software services. The presentation maker offers limitless possibilities to come up with presentations to meet various purposes such as PPT to video converter, mindmapping designs, online presentations, video presentations and many more. Visit the website for further information on the products and services offered.