Heavy Traffic Jams, noisy cars, pollution and streets flooded with vehicles- this is an ideal situation in metropolitan cities these days in peak hours. Ever wondered if these can all be eliminated? “The Fly B” is a radical solution which is the world’s first electric flying bicycle combining the freedom of ultra light category aircraft with practical and green utility of the recumbent bicycle. The Flying eBicycle was designed by true aviation professionals. Captian Gary Pylant, a professional pilot and Mark Rumsey, an aeronautical engineer came together to bring this idea to life.

This all new Fly-B is embedded with computer software pilot training systems that will train the pilots before they make their first solo flight. This personal and portable aircraft is easy to fly and is more practical in terms of its motors, control systems, construction materials which all run with the help of new generation batteries. The Flying Bicycles can be stored in a corner of a typical garage and can be easily pedaled away just like a normal bicycle. The wings can be extended and the same bicycle becomes an aircraft. The project is now on Indiegogo for Crowdfunding. The funds will be used to finance the production equipment and tooling for initial production runs.

To know more about the crowdfunding project visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-fly-b-electric-powered-flying-bicycle

About Flyingebicycles

Flight Solutions Research LLC, http://flyingebicycles.com/ based at Spring Valley, Arizona is a project launched by Captain Gary Pylant and Mark Rumsey who are both professionals in the Aviation Industry. The project involves launching the Flying Bicycles which are true recumbent 3 wheel trike bicycles with a body shell, electric assist and a wing that folds up.

Contact Details
Capt. Gary Pylant — Flight Solutions Research, LLC
Address: 17205 E. Lakeview Dr. Spring Valley, AZ 86333
Phone: 602-315-9521
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.flyingebicycles.com