Winter Park, Florida, USA, March 30, 2013 — The concept of green building is now brought to Florida by the leading home builder Charles Clayton. Adopting green technologies is fast becoming a popular option, keeping the skyrocketing energy costs in concern. Today, mankind expects to have all comforts and luxury in the living space and for which energy is always required in a significant quantity. Now, Charles Clayton, one of the leading home builders in Florida with their talented pool of certified green professionals, is offering custom homes that are designed with some amazing features to help achieve a desired level of energy efficiency.

The certified professionals of the company maintain that they incorporate features that help them take advantage of Florida’s subtropical climate. They design buildings in a manner that gives the residents a benefit of mild breezes and keeps their homes cool naturally. By bringing the outdoor cool breezes and with weatherproofed furnishings, they create a relaxing environment inside, and which doesn’t require any energy guzzlers.

The architects and designers of Charles Clayton reveal that besides maintaining energy sustainability of Florida custom homes, they work incredibly to enhance the aesthetics of the external and interiors of a building. They maintain that all their designs appear to be an artist’s creation and are unique from each other. They claim that the variations and richness in designs that they maintain will hardly be available with any other home builders in Orlando

Many feel that the green building offerings by Charles Clayton are the real boon for the homebuyers in Florida who can enjoy the cost benefits of energy savings. Even a Florida homeowner can seek Charles Clayton’s expert consultancy in remodeling and rebuilding their homes with new green features that will enable them to bring down the energy costs. The certified green professionals of the company can even make the outdoor living space of a building, such as porch, patio or pool, more energy efficient to help manage the energy consumption in a sustainable manner. Anyone can learn more about their green home design practices by visiting their website

About Charles Clayton Construction

Charles Clayton is a prominent, national award winning builder of luxury homes in Central Florida. The company builds exclusive, one-of-a-kind luxury homes with green features for the residents of Florida. Their magnificently detailed craftsmanship and the highest quality construction are the hallmarks of their construction in the area. A group of seasoned and focused construction professionals of the company plan and manage home development projects to offer best and modern homes with all desired amenities to the homebuyers of Florida.

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