Matthew Boley - FM PR2 C417, an industry-leading provider of floor matting products and floor matting solutions, has published a case study briefly summarizing its work with clients in the hotel industry. works with commercial clients across a variety of industries, providing products and solutions that solve a variety of different issues; additionally, the company works with individuals seeking floor mats for stability, climate control and other reasons.

The floor mat company’s case study of their work with the hotel industry begins by acknowledging the primary focus of the solutions it provides to the industry: to improve the entryway experience of hotel guests and thus provide the hotel with a more hospitable atmosphere. Guests respond to this hospitable entryway atmosphere, according to, by feeling more welcome in the hotel building.

Despite the importance of vestibules and entryways in welcoming hotel guests, observes that hotels still find it difficult to maintain these areas for a variety of reasons. The company writes that “inclement weather, renovations, and the passing of time can create costly challenges for the guest experience, as well as their safety. When faced with this many leading hospitality brands like Marriot International, turn to”

As an example of the challenges faced by their hotel clients,’s case study specifically mentions their work with The Renaissance Hotel. The hotel featured a marble tile lobby and faced the high maintenance and housekeeping costs that a marble tile lobby brings. The floor matting solutions provider also reports that The Renaissance Hotel sought to maintain the luxurious atmosphere of the marble tile lobby, even during hotel guests’ high traffic times, as they implemented maintenance and housekeeping cost-saving measures.

In describing the solution they provided, writes that it struck balance that The Renaissance Hotel was looking for. “We introduced a pragmatic and effective floor mat system with customized brand logos and hand cut size requirements that greatly reduced maintenance costs and upkeep, while creating and sustaining an elegant image,” the company says. As a result of the savings, the hotel client reported, the functional mat system from was a successful investment that paid for itself in only 90 days.  Further details can be found at

As the industry’s premier expert in floor mat, anti-slip tape and tread, noise and vibration and other specialty home and work environment products, prides itself on being able to provide custom solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients. They employ a team of business environment specialists, known as Solutionists, who follow industry-leading standards in providing effective solutions. For more information on the company and its products, it may contacted by using the contact information provided below.

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