25, April 2015: SuneX Games, a German based game development company, is all set to release its new Android game, Floorless Fortress, on April 23. The game challenges the player to avoid traps while travelling through a series of rooms. Players need to accumulate fruits along the way within a specified time. The goal, dependent on the chosen game mode, is to survive each room and exit with the collected fruits or in the least amount of time.

Speaking to the media, a representative from SuneX Games said, “Yes, we are ready with our new Android game, Floorless Fortress. This is an interesting game and can be played by all age groups. Like every game, the initial level is quite easy and simple to complete. If players are not able to collect each fruit the first time round, they can come back later to give it another try.” He further added, “Floorless Fortress has some power-ups as well to help players cross to the next level more easily. We are also planning and working on many other mobile games that will be releasedlater in 2015. We aim to be the preferred name when it comes to game design and development.”

Floorless Fortress has over 70 levels that are divided into a number of worlds. These levels get more and more challenging with time. The game also has six tricky traps such as laser-shooting statues, missing floors, spikes on the ground and a lot more. It has three game modes: collecting all the fruits, exiting a room in the shortest possible time or collecting as many points as possible.

Floorless Fortress is available with seven power-ups allowing players to cross to the tougher levels more easily. The game also has three control options to help players select their favoritegame control method.

About SuneX Games:

SuneX Gamesis a Germanbased game design and development company.It is releasing its newest game, Floorless Fortress, on Android and Google Play. The company started operations in May 15, 2014 and is founded by Tobias Mittelstädt, with years of experience in Game Development, and Jakub Derbich, a sales controller with years of experience.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Tobias Mittelstädt
Address: Mittelstädt und Derbich SuneX Games GbR Eichendorffanlage 863486 Bruchköbel Germany
Email Id: [email protected]
Website: http://www.sunex-games.de/?action=games_ff