Australia, 05, March 2016: A network of companies operating under the name Flooring Extra is making waves in the Australian industry. They assist both residential and commercial clients in finding the best products on the market today. When it comes to sourcing different flooring solutions, they understand the essential considerations. That is why they can offer the best advice and guidance to anyone who makes contact. Thousands of Australians have used the service to date, and the network is going from strength to strength.

Flooring Xtra

Flooring Extra is a progressive group of like-minded independent retailers who celebrate local communities. All the firms operating under that umbrella have chosen to align themselves with the strong, bold, and fun brand. Everyone is dedicated to providing the best service to customers regardless of their requirements. Indeed, that is why word of mouth recommendations have become important in recent years. They offer an extensive range of high-quality items to suit every taste and budget. So, people living or running a business in Australia are encouraged to get in touch.

The primary locations covered by this group include:

* Perth
* Adelaide
* Sydney
* Brisbane
* Melbourne
* Hobart
* And smaller regional areas

The web portal is the best place to look when customers want to learn more. It contains vast amounts of information that could help people to make the right decisions. Of course, buyers are always advised to speak to the team before making purchases. The network expands every day, and so there are always new opportunities to find the best products. With more than 150 stores currently in the group, customers are guaranteed to discover the most lucrative deals.

Some of the most popular products include:

* Carpets
* Luxury Vinyl
* Timber Flooring
* Blinds
* and Rugs

No matter what their customers might require, the team will work hard to provide the best solution. They’ve built a fantastic reputation during the last couple of years, and they invite everyone to make contact. Visitors can even read about the best ways to set their budget on the Flooring Extra blog. Not to mention the promotions that could help them to make excellent savings on their flooring products.

Getting in touch with the team and discussing requirements has never been easier. Clients just need to give them a call or access their website to learn more. With a dedication to customer service, these specialists will answer all questions with authority. They will help to set the record straight and make sure everyone leaves with the perfect products.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Michelle Dow
Address: 3/67 B Matthews Avenue,
Airport West, Australia, 3042
Phone: 03 9708 2408
Email Id: [email protected]