To say goodbye to old days and celebrate the New Year, FlipPageMaker Business Software hosted its annual party at 8 January 2013. On this important day, there was another piece of good news that a latest flipbook creator which was carefully developed in the last half a year is finally released. It's also great that its staff is doubling when compared to one year ago now. The annual party began with the opening dance of Gangnam Style, which attracted a lot of audience applause and applause from the outset. The party included dances, songs and magic shows.

In these special days, we cannot help to think back. In the past 2012, Internet has suffered certainly remarkable changes. Nowadays wherever you turn it seems that digital magazine, mobile device and immediate information are popping up. And even in those tough times, there are still a lot of opportunities for you to earn money. Please allow me to remind you several breaking evens in the last year. People around the world have all heard about Steven Jobs' death, announcement of iPhone5 and iPad3, and even the predication that December 21, 2012 was the end of the world. You may have encountered a lot of challenges, grab some opportunities and lost something else.

In the beginning of a new year, a comprehensive plan will play an important role to the following work and decide the direction of your efforts. To make a decision to lead your business to a new level with latest technology will be a smart choice. As mobile device is more and more widely used, people pay more attention to rapid, convenience and security. No matter you are leading an online or offline business, you can make full use of the free resources with assistance of useful software on the net. For example, mobile payment will be a new trend in 2013 and this is a necessary way of providing good user experience. Or no matter you are e-publisher or trade man, make sure that your website is mobile accessible.

Now come back to the annual party, it ended with an inspirational flash video, which was a collection of photos recording moved moments. It really touched hearts and even brought some inspirations. For example to create brand image by publishing such kind of flash album, ebook and ezine, to distribute product information onto online directories and websites for promotion purpose, or to process it as a new way to announce new release of product. Have a summary of this great affaire now. The newest  Flipbook creator  and 3D  flip book maker  can help you in creating flash based brochure and publishing ezines about hot tops such as car, travel, movie, TV, fashion, entertainment, etc.

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