04, April 2015: It goes without saying that magazines form an integral part of one’s lifestyle. Whether it is a finance based magazine or fashion and even food, many people enjoy flipping through the pages and learning about new developments. FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd realized the potential and came up with an innovative digital magazine publishing idea of not just taking the magazine to the digital medium but also making it fun and interactive for users by inclusion of rich multimedia. Therefore, one can not only skim through vivid and beautiful photos amid crisp words but also include videos, audios and other such rich elements that can enhance the experience of the user. 

Publishers who are looking to offer exclusive and important information to their readers through digital magazines can do so by simply downloading the FlipHTML5 magazine publishing software for absolutely no cost and then discover the innovative and unique features that will enable them to understand and use interactive, rich elements in their magazines that will help engage the readers in a much better manner. 

Unlike the digital magazines that are created using Flash, these magazines created using the software that uses the superior HTML 5 enables the subscribers to view the magazines on absolutely any mobile device like their smartphones or tablets and at the same time, it also works across different platforms making it extremely versatile. 

All the elements found in the FlipHTML5 digital magazine software are customizable and in addition to that, they also boast of features that enable users to import images from PDF as well as Office. A wide range of templates give users a canvas to begin their work on. The multimedia editor and settings make this software a breeze to customize as per the designers’ wishes. Once a rough draft of the magazine is ready, it can be tested across varied platforms and devices to test its components before being published and once published, it can also be shared on various social media platforms through the social share options enabling the magazine to reach out to more people. 

To download the software free of cost, visit: http://fliphtml5.com/ 

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