FlipBook Creator for Windows v3.8.8 now provides users with the ability to announce discounts and promotions. Coupons can be easily inserted into digital e-books, giving readers the option to print them out and use them to save money on any variety of products. Control functions can be set letting a reader print the coupon, or hyperlinks can lead to a printable coupon on a website. Several options, therefore, are available to creators who want to make their discounts and promotions more accessible using a digital flipbook.

In addition, readers have a convenient way to find coupons with a visually attractive page flipping effect and picturesque templates. There are hundreds of settings to customize each e-book. This makes it appealing and suitable for generating different flipbooks with coupons for various kinds of products. By making discount announcements more accessible, users provide a service to customers while enhancing the revenue-generating possibilities for their business.

A promotional product may be just what a customer is looking for. The interactive features of the flipbook make it more engaging so customers might more seriously consider a purchase. This also gives a company using a flipbook an edge over the competition, by engaging its audience with interactive multimedia. The efforts to create and publish the e-book are less expensive and time consuming than other methods. Many businesses are already saving their budgets by using FlipBook Creator.

Aside from letting users easily convert PDFs to digital flipbooks, the  pdf to flash page flip  software also preserves hyperlinks, bookmarks, and other aspects of PDF files. The look and feel can be configured with templates, logos, images, and more, plus keywords, descriptions, and meta titles can be incorporated to make their e-books SEO friendly. Users can adjust the settings such that they can track the traffic going to the e-book with Google Analytics. A marketing campaign, therefore, can be tracked and managed; such a campaign can involve promotions and discounts via coupons within a flipbook.

Readers can add annotations to the pages. They can use this feature to point out potential coupons they will want to use, or which discounts are more beneficial.  FlipBook converter  is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, while a Mac version is also available. Readers can now view discounts and promotions, and print out coupons at their convenience.

More information is available at  http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html

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