Flip Page Maker has released version 3.8.8 of their popular FlipBook Creator for Windows users, making e-book software an affordable and simple option for people and companies everywhere. Due to e-books and online magazines gaining a lot of popularity online, this software is more in demand than ever.

Version 3.8.8 of the FlippingBook has are its pre-configured scenes that are embedded within the software. These animated background scenes can be applied to the flipbook quickly and easily for a more professional look within the publication. Whether being used for personal or professional reasons, with FlipBook Creator it is easy for even beginners to create a spectacular flipbook.

FlipBook Creator (PDF to Flipbook) version 3.8.8 features fine tuning of key features like titles, logos, password enabling, search functions, language switches, and background images. With these features, users can customize their flipbooks to become unique publications and e-books for distribution.

With the FlipBook Creator , the e-books can be uploaded to a virtual bookshelf. The bookshelf will feature all FlipBook Creator publications for easy access and organization. When reading these e-books, users can pick colorful bookmark tabs that will mark where they left off in the book.

Down to the page flipping capabilities that make people feel like they are reading a real book, Flip Page Maker is trying to become the trailblazer in online flipbooks with their innovative technologies. With their continued software updates and adaption to new trends, FlipBook Creator is bound to stay up to date with the emerging trends in online publishing.

FlipBook Creator is inexpensive software that can handle many of the major capabilities of making a polished e-book, with the easy functionality for users of all skill levels. Learn more about the FlipBook Creator version 3.8.8 at http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html , and contact the company via email at [email protected]

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