12 December, 2013: Japanese cuisine has gained global recognition over the past decade. The sushi in particular has become synonymous to top class dining. With its easy to make techniques, people are not only interested in enjoying sushi meals at fancy restaurants but are also interested in learning how to make it. With the increase in demand for sushi making lessons, the number of workshop for sushi lessons has increased considerably. 

Among the many successful ones, Fling Cooking has managed to stand apart from the rest with its versatility. This sushi workshop company does not just narrow itself to giving professional lessons. It can arrange workshops in any environment including the office or at home. No matter how bizarre the location, the Company is happy to oblige. The sushi chefs at Fling Cooking strongly believe that cooking is more than just business — it is a relaxation therapy. These chefs equate sushi lessons to any sport where people could go to the park on an off day and enjoy a game of baseball. 

The trainers at the workshop are professional chefs working at top class Japanese restaurants. The target is to spread the Japanese culture and cuisine of love and healthy living. The career driven urbanite is mostly living on unhealthy fast food giving no time or attention to healthy food. With some smart insider tricks from the sushi chefs, people can make healthy and tasty sushi rolls in a matter of minutes. These workshops are a better alternative to spend the weekend with family or friends playing baseball. With these fun filled cooking workshops, people will not only have fun but also take away something important. 

In order to make learning even more interesting, the chefs will give fun demonstrations on the sushi making experience by rolling up the yum sticky rice in colorful delights. As a treat, clients can sample the dish for free at the end of the workshop. For more information please go to http://www.flingcooking.nl/sushi-workshop 

Fling Cooking is a professional website that deals in giving sushi workshops for any type of gathering. The Company arranges the workshops at any environment be it the workplace, at a gathering, at home, park, etc. It employs only authentic Japanese chefs to give clients a true insight into the Japanese food and culture.