A recent report concerning export volumes from the United Kingdom showed jewellery to be one of the country’s main exports, a fact that can benefit bespoken jewellery F&L Designer Guides partner, Ornella Ianuzzi, was one of four female stars of a bespoke jewellery exhibition held last month in London.

The designer, one of the first names added to the new community portal’s list of exciting UK-based jewellers, had the opportunity of exhibiting some of her favourite pieces alongside works by three other noteworthy Britain-based craftswomen. The unique show was organized by the Beetles and Huxley Gallery, in London, under curator Joanna Hardy.

Titled ‘Women in the Making’, the exhibition sought to display the works of three of the most exciting female jewellers in the contemporary British scene. The F&L Designer Guidespartner was joined, in this instance, by Jacqueline Cullen, Alice Cicolini and Gurmit Kaur, all of whom have vastly different and extremely unique styles.

Iannuzi’s designs were selected to feature in this exhibition thanks to their intriguing, nature-inspired motifs. The designer draws her influence mainly from natural elements, be they trees, seashells, or even natural gemstones, which she then combines with metal to create organic heirlooms. Ianuzzi’s pieces tend to feature a mixture of earthiness and modernity which makes them quite appealing.

Jacqueline Cullen, one of Iannuzi’s companions at this exhibit, also utilizes gifts from Mother Nature and crafts her jewellery items out of Whitby jet, a fossilized and extremely hard wood. The designer combines this material with black diamonds to create strikingly modern jewels, which are both visually bold yet lightweight.

Also a fan of black hues, Alice Cicolini chooses to use the colour to complement the gemstones in her creations. Influenced by a wealth of sources such as the Silk Route to the contemporary design movement, this artist’s jewels are at once striking and original.

The fourth and last member of this exhibition, Gurmit Kaur, came back from her sabbatical to exhibit her collection of sensual 18-carat gold pieces.

The showcase in question closed on May 24th, but fans of these designers had the chance to see them in action again earlier this month, at a special one-day showcase in a gallery in Los Angeles.

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