Portsmouth NH December 29, 2012 — Jungle Torch (http://www.Jungletorch.com), a New Hampshire SEO company is currently the only company with the software and algorithms to fix Google Penguin attack problems.

“The ability to fix Google Penguin problems is something many SEO companies say they can do,” said Nate Tennant, Co-Founder and President of Jungle Torch. But, what they’re really doing is manually going in an looking at links to decide if Google thinks they are unnatural and therefore causing the site to be de-ranked or “punished” for these “bad” links, he said.

Using a hit-or-miss method of trying to guess which links are unnatural when trying to fix Google Penguin problems is time consuming. Even worse it is fraught with danger. “We have many clients who hired so-called ‘experts’ who claimed to be able to fix Google Penguin attack problems,” Tennant said. “What they ended up doing was removing high quality links built up over several years, while leaving many of the bad links in place. Worse still, they did nothing to get the client back up to their former standing in the Google ranks,” he said.

Because Jungle Torch software is totally metrics driven, it takes all of the guesswork out of identifying unnatural links. It does this by, first, identifying all links pointing to a site, revealing the links’ Google Page Rank and then identifying whether Google has identified whether the link is unnatural or not. Currently there is no other software capable of working to fix Google Penguin attack problems in this way. Further, Jungle Torch identifies the owners of unnatural links and their email addresses, allowing them to be contacted to remove the links in question. This information can also be used to ask Google to disallow links that are not taken down.

About Jungle Torch
Jungle Torch is the brainchild of digital professionals who combine more than a century of search, social media and web experience. We know it’s a jungle out there and giving our clients the search and social media network tools they need to get found, get leads and get more sales is what we do and we do it well. In fact, using Jungle Torch is like having a 25-person staff for SEO and social network analysis.

Jungle Torch gives any company with a website a comprehensive SEO view of their website. Furthermore, it identifies crucial pieces of digital information that are not available anywhere else in the SEO world. This includes a full SEO report and a comprehensive report of all inbound, outbound and internal links. In addition, Jungle Torch provides users with social media networking tools to determine who is saying what online about your company, good or bad. This information is crucial to any company doing business on the web or any agency servicing various web accounts. For more information visit: http://www.JungleTorch.com.