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Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer is currently recommended by top sports nutritionist and fitness expert, being regarded as a beneficial kitchen tool.

The idea to switch to a healthy lifestyle and to spend less time in the kitchen, preparing the meals came after Emily Kiritsis was diagnosed with cancer. Understanding the power of a well thought nutrition, she decided to create a website that would inspire and help others.

Founder of the, Emily Kiritsis and her husband, Dr. Paul Kiritsis, discuss various health and sports related topics. On her website, which is constantly updated, the sport nutritionist offers readers 20 minute home sport routine, alongside fast and healthy recipes made from fresh ingredients and tips coming from a Sports Medicine Surgeon. Following the program offered by Emily Kiritsis, results appear in less than 30 days.

The Kitchen Supreme Vegetable slicer is recommended by this expert. ”I operate a fitness and nutrition website,, and I have been including a recipe a week in my meal plan that requires spiralized veggies. My members have been purchasing this product to create delicious meals. Follow the instructions and it should work well to make beautiful spirals!” mentioned Emily Kiritsis.

Using the Veggie spiralizer, customers can replace high carb pasta or noodles with healthy and colorful veggies zoodles and save time from slicing, dicing, and other conventional julienning methods. Various vegetables can be sliced using this Vegetable pasta maker, from carrots to zucchini, squash and even sweet potatoes.

About the product

The Kitchen Supreme Spiral veggie slicer is a high quality kitchen tool that can be easily used in lose weight plans or in adequately switching to a healthy lifestyle. With sharp Japanese blades, this tool can create veggie noodles from a variety of vegetables. In the package, customers will discover a vegetable peeler as well, a brush to help clean the kitchen tool and a recipe book. The Spiralizer is BPA free, easy to use and clean, it is dishwasher safe and simple to transport.

About the company

Kitchen Supreme is a small family business that has set out to bring forward products that are simple to use and offer customers several benefits. The French Press, the Spiral slicer and the Chalkboard Labels sold by this provider bring a lifestyle improvement. The company was founded in 2013 and for the last three years it has been operating on the e-commerce field, selling products on dedicated platforms. Reviews matter greatly, as they offer Kitchen Supreme the feedback necessary to make all sorts of product improvements.

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