Fitness equipment can come in the form of The Ultim8 M4000D treadmill. This is a special is a machine that is envy of many, and a force to reckon as a treadmill in the industry. The treadmill has the latest in 3HP AC motor and a fully commercial specification and has a controller unit too. The machine has a large running deck and a cushioning system that ensures that no matter the size of the user, they will definitely have a comfy run on the machine. The colour LCD allows the user to create programs they are comfortable and it has eighteen programs, such as the HRC. There is no option for a free swap.




Another fitness equipment that we have is the LCT 11000(Super Deluxe large Treadmill) is considered to very ideal for the serious home runners and the institutional environments. It has a very sturdy frame and a huge 3 HP continuous use motor and an extra-long well cushioned deck that ensures that the user has a very comfortable run whether the user is tall or heavy. Another big advantage of the LCT11000 is foldable and thus can comfortably fit into a small space when it is not being used. The console has a very clear LED display that contains all the key information and as well as a seven program to choose from including HRC and is very user programmable. It is advisable that the user does not try to get it upstairs or in a restricted access point. This is due to its very large size.




The Xtreme treadmill is a crème de la crème fitness equipment treadmill with huge incline and programs. Xtreme has a higher deck which has enabled the user to achieve a massive 15% (this incline is possibly the highest in the industry). The treadmill also has five built in programs with 5 difficulty levels and this gives you total of 25 challenging program variants.