Oviedo, FL — The sudden rise of Fishingammo is the result of a combination of exposure from their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank and shrewd management decisions of the company’s owners. Growing the company from a simple product, a fishing bobber made from a shotgun shell, Fishingammo has quickly become an outdoor brand that is making a huge splash in the outdoor sports equipment world. Now Fisihingammo is pleased to announce the launch of a new contest for their customers.

Fishingammo may have started as a business making fishing bobbers, but the company has grown to include an entire outdoor brand. Products in the new brand range from t-shirts to hats and other accessories for both men and women. New products continue to be developed and customers can find them at http://www.fishingammo.com

Since its inception, Fishingammo has been offering monthly contests to their loyal customers that include some great prizes. This month’s contest prize is a set of Fishingammo cornhole boards, as well as a set of bags to play with, for those who love to play outdoor games with their friends. The set is made of high quality materials and includes the famous Fishingammo logo. To become a part of the contest customers need to go to http://www.fishingammo.com and complete one of two tasks. First, customers can join the mailing list and receive updates about new products or special offers the company makes available. The other way is to make a purchase from the online store.

Few companies have managed to grow as big and as fast as Fishingammo, and a large part of that success is due to the engagement that the company has with its customers. The monthly contests and social media interaction make Fishingammo a company that customers feel they can relate to and one they want to do business with over and over again.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit http://www.fishingammo.com or call 855-9RELOAD.