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Transferring information is centuries old; however, transferring scent is considerably younger. In 2013, a group plans on meeting in Berlin, Germany, to change this. 

“We are planning on doing for olfactory senses what Alexander Graham Bell did for hearing,” said Celine Mercier of Digital Olfaction. The idea is to create devices which can capture odors, turn them into digital data so as to transmit them everywhere in the world. 

As you feel the digital smell, digital aroma and fragrance the next step is to upload your favorite perfume and it doesn`t stop there because coming real soon will be: 

- Huge advances in the field of digital smell tv
- Next generation of Digital smell SMS

The plans of the Congress are to bring together scientists from around the world who specialize in smells, digitize, transfer, reconstitute and diffuse it. 

“This is going to be a major step forward in science and in the world of information technology. The implications of transferring digital smells will have far greater reach than many can imagine,” Mercier continued. 

This initial meeting slated for April 11th — 13th is hosted by Takamichi Nakamoto of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Marvin Edeas, founder and chairman on the Digital Olfaction Society, France. 

“Our two leaders are pioneers in the field of physical electronics and olfactory science respectively,” said Mercier. 

Additionally, several speakers from across the world will be on hand speaking about their research and goals. Posters and oral presentations are welcome as well. 

“Those who wish to attend and present information or findings are free to do so. Please visit the website for more information on abstract submissions. The deadlines are strictly enforced, so please be punctual,” Mercier continued. 

Given the far reaching possibilities, registration to the conference is limited. Book now to attend. 

“We are expecting some groundbreaking science,” Mercier said. 

For more information about the congress, to book a seat, learn more about the presenters and attendees or to get additional instructions, visit the website at