March 29, 2013: Loopport, the world’s first and only cloud based sound library, provides tools and instructions for music production and editing at a “musician friendly” price point. The company has grown from 3000 users to over 10,000 users in the last 12 months seemingly by “word of mouth”, without spending a single dollar on advertising. The company’s web-based community is also registering over 12,000 unique visitors to the site every month. After this explosive growth, the company has decided to open an “Angel” round of investment partners which will allow the company to build infrastructure, scale marketing efforts, improve technology and expand internationally in the times to come.

According to the sources, Loopport provides tools as well as technical video instructions that are necessary to create digital music from the novice to the expert level. If experts of the field are to be believed, the alternative providers in the market are too expensive, require technical expertise to operate and are not compatible with the modern day’s popular formats. When contacted, Ari Levine, Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer said, “Awesome idea. After hearing it I could not see how anyone would want to make music without Loopport.”

Loopport is headquartered in the Hollywood, CA recording studio responsible for 18 of the 33 number one hits in the last five years including those from Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Flo-Rida, David Guetta and Usher among others. The revenue options working for the company in the present times include membership subscription (auto renewal – $9 per month), access to premium technology like app and cloud storage, affiliate programs and licensing for use in commercial media.

Experts believe that the company has the potential of becoming one of the best in the industry. Tom Marchesello of Banebridge Capital said, “Max and Ryan know this space. Their energy and talent show enough and I would not be surprised if they become the largest sound supplier in the world for artists and musicians.” “Digital Recording” and “Music Production Software” are the leading segments in an industry that has annually grossed over $1B, and is believed to reach over 15M musicians in the United States alone.

About Loopport:

Loopport creates and distributes loops, samples, beats, patches and other music tools for musicians, producers and DJs around the globe at affordable price. The subscribers get access to online cloud library of easily downloadable packs containing loops, samples, DJ tools, and MIDI patterns amongst other tools. The company ensures that all offerings work with every major format, and has a patent pending for a unique technology that will integrate the cloud library with any user’s choice in software.

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