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The fire resistance safes are one of the most products sold like hot cakes! Fire can break out unpredictably at any place and no one can stop is instantly. Before the help comes, fire may consume even the most valuable documents and data that you ever had. Being said that, most of the consumers being Industrial clients, fire resistance is on the top of their priority list when it comes o data safety.

The Dataline data safe available at Atcomaart.com are UL classified fire resistance safes. Keep your valuables and documents in dataline data safe and forget about it. Let the unexpected happen while your valuables are safe and intact.

Quick overview.
1) Convenience:
a. Three convenient sizes to choose from - 10, 53 and 90 liters - for enhanced storage capacity. In this category, the 10L and 53L safes are larger than many other safes available
b. Adjustable shelves to suit all your requirements.
c. Provision to fit additional accessories, such as shelves and sliding trays.
d. Castors to add mobility (Optional)

2) Fire fighting capabilities
a. Subjected to the industry's testing standards, Dataline safes have proven their mettle even under the most stringent examination conducted at C.B.R.I. Roorkee:
b. Designed to withstand temperatures of around 1000°C for 60 minutes rating as per UL-72: 1995 international standards.
c. Tested for Fire Endurance and Fire & Impact for 60 minutes as per IS : 14562 : 1998
d. Tested for Magnetic Interference by ERTL, Mumbai. This test is unique to Godrej Dataline range of safes.
3) Long life
a. An excellent 12-tank pre-treatment unique to Godrej, followed by a high-quality Polyurethane paint.
b. An aesthetic, multi-functional laminated top blend well with your office decor.
4) Security
a. Two 10-leaver high security cylindrical locks for added security.
5) Availability:
a. The Dataline Data Safe is available in 10 Ltr, 53 Ltr and 90 Ltr
b. External Dimensions in mm (H x W x D) (10 Ltrs) : 547 x 411 x 500
c. Internal Dimensions in mm (h x w x d) (10 Ltrs) : 250x 175 x 250
d. Sony 90P/90M Data Cartridge : 120
e. 3M/DC 6150 Data Cartridge : 22

For more information about this product visit: http://atcomaart.com/pd/484848484851877075/fire-and-wall-safes/dataline-data-safes.aspx

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