London, United Kingdom, 04, March 2016: Many people choose natural stone products for their homes. They are one of the most beautiful types of material one can use. Finding a firm that specialises in offering natural stone products is sometimes hard. For Londoners, the good news is Fiorito can help.

Fiorito natural stone products

The company has over ten years of industry experience. Based in London, the Fiorito natural stone products are prestigious and crafted exceptionally well. They use high-quality natural stones such as marble, quartz, and granite.

In fact, by looking at examples of their past projects, no-one can deny their passion for their work.

Stone Kitchen Worktops

Some may consider the kitchen as only being a place to prepare meals. But, it's the main hub of any home. It's also the place for families and friends to congregate at any time of the day or night.

Because of its focal point in all homes, the kitchen is a room that will see plenty of use. The counters and worktop areas will be the ones that get used the most in the kitchen. That's why it is crucial those worktops get made with durable yet attractive materials.

Fiorito offers a comprehensive design and installation service. They can provide a solution that reflects any family's lifestyle. When it comes to kitchen worktops, they work with quartz, marble and granite.

Stone Bathrooms

People use all kinds of materials for decorating their bathrooms. These days, stone is more popular than ever for the bathroom. It can get used for floors, walls, and tubs. And stone looks and feels better than its synthetic alternatives.

Stone's natural look makes any bathroom look warm and inviting. For example, stone baths can help water stay hot for longer. Many of Fiorito's customers opt for onyx, marble and limestone bathrooms.

Stone Staircases

In a bid to make one's home look exquisite and prestigious, one can have a stone staircase made. A stone staircase's natural beauty is beyond compare. And it looks great with glass, wood, and stainless steel.

People choose Fiorito's stone staircases because they capture the beauty and disorder of nature. They are also durable and are weather-resistant.

Stone Fireplaces

They are an ideal addition to any home's beautiful interior. Their aesthetics captivate anyone that enters the room. They also make any room look more luxurious and desirable.

Fiorito offers stone fireplaces with a variety of design options and decorative elements. They are solid, durable and easy to clean. Plus, each fireplace is unique. No two fireplaces made by Fiorito are ever the same thanks to the natural materials used!

Stone Flooring

When it comes to flooring, homeowners have a raft of options to choose from. One of the classic choices that people make is to opt for a stone floor.

One can select from materials such as slate, quartz, travertine, or marble. It's also possible to have a matte, glossy or textured finished!

About Fiorito

A London-based provider of high-quality stone products for the home. Fiorito hand-craft a range of stone items from kitchen worktops to bathrooms. They can also build stone staircases, fireplaces and flooring.

With more than 10 years of experience, people buy from Fiorito because they get a quality product. They are the capital's leading supplier and installer of fine stone products.

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