Finland - Omapaja is a first-of-its-kind billing service, designed for independent entrepreneurs who do not have their companies registered. The billing service was recently launched with help of Heikki Karjalainen, the chief business development officer, to help independent service providers to focus only on what they do best. Omapaja Oy , as a billing service provider for small business owners who don’t have trademarks but provide specialized services, now looks to partner with independent entrepreneurs who want to grow their business in full compliance with the laws of the land.

In today’s Finland, employers prefer buying professional services instead of hiring new employees. If an independent professional wants render their services, they need to represent a legally incorporated business entity. However, there’s a second option for independent entrepreneurs to comply with the business laws of Finland which Heikki Karjalainen and his team wanted to exploit. The Finland-based team realized the pain and challenges faced by the independent entrepreneurs who still do not have a company registered for the services they provide and launched Omapaja, a knowledge-based billing service which comes with a full set of services tailored for the independent skilled people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

As far as pricing, marketing, and business development are concerned, independent entrepreneurs can take part in the workshop conducted by Omapaja Oy and learn the basics of business management. Heikki Karjalainen said that the aim of the company is to help entrepreneurs on a budget to grow their business step-by-step. He also added that Omapaja is responsible for handling the paperwork needed for beginning a small business in Finland. Heikki Karjalainen also said that the whole process of starting and managing a business in Finland had been broken to bare bones so that entrepreneurs can grow their business without thinking too much about the legal compliance issues.

“Anybody who has a special skill and an entrepreneurial spirit can subscribe to Omapaja services and go from strength to strength. We are trying to build a collaborative entrepreneur community wherein all the necessary resources would be available to the new entrepreneurs”, said Heikki Karjalainen, the chief business development officer of Omapaja Oy.

About the Company

Omapaja Oy is the first knowledge-based and coaching billing service in Finland.

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