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Looking for quality FEA analysis services with low cost?

FEA Outsourcing is a leading finite element analysis outsourcing service provider company specializing in providing FEA services including linear and non linear fea analysis, thermal analysis, structural analysis, stress analysis, buckling analysis and modal analysis services to the nationwide.

Save up to 60% on your FEA services project cost by outsourcing to us. There is No Hidden Cost.

We have highly qualified team of FEA design engineers that have many year experience in FEA engineering industries. Our expert team of FEA consutling engineers used software for fea engineering services inlucdes ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS, COSMOS, HYPER MESH, NASTRAN, CFX, LS DYNA.

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We Apply FEA Analysis Technique include:

  • Stress and thermal analysis
  • Hyperelastic and visco-elastic
  • Fracture, fatigue life assessment
  • Impact & high strain rate deformation
  • Natural frequency and vibration
  • Diffusion & permeability in polymers

We provide FEA Analysis Services include:

  • Design of components with CAD/CAM
  • Analysis and optimisation of prototype designs
  • Material selection, material models development and validation
  • Failure analysis and fatigue life assessment
  • Research and development of new analysis techniques

We have Expertise in:

  • Specialists in FEA of rubber, thermoplastics, composites, adhesives
  • Plastic deformation of metals
  • Soft tissues for medical applications

We specialize in the area of Heavy Engineering, Automobile & Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Industrial Equipments, Medical, Telecom, Military & Defence, Power and Energy.

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