Clarks Summit, Pa. —  May 12, 2016
Fine Line Living, a family owned business based in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania today has made the announcement that it has added a new essential oil diffuser to its existing aromatherapy product line. The new diffuser, named the AromaDoma due to its unique design, is the second oil diffuser in a line of personal aromatherapy products that the company currently markets.

“It took us longer than we really expected to decide on the design for the new diffuser because we wanted to bring something entirely different to the market that currently has so many diffusers that look the same. After plenty of internal debate we decided on this design because quite frankly, we think it's pretty unique,” says Tina Traver, CEO and founder of Fine Line Living. “As the popularity of diffusing essential oils grow, more and more people are adding diffusers to just about every room of the house and based on feedback from of our existing customers, they also are looking for something just a little bit different. Granted, only time will tell on how this new diffuser will sell, but we think it will be warmly received,” added Traver with a smile.

The new AromaDoma diffuser is circular in shape with a small output cone on the top of the dome for the mist. The capacity of the tub is 200ml and has a auto shut off when the water level becomes to low. The controls are situated on the front and consist of only 2 buttons. One to control the lights and one to control the various mist settings that are available.

“We wanted the AromaDoma to be as simple as we could get so that people can use it almost right out of the box with very little manual reading. We also wanted it to be whisper quiet with the option to be run with virtually no lights whatsoever. We did this because more and more people are using essential oil diffusers in the bedroom to help them sleep,” states Traver.
To learn more about the new AromaDoma Essential Oil Diffuser take a peek here,

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