Tianjin, China, May 29, 2014: Pressure valves play a great role in the industrial safety, and have wide applications in various systems and industries. China based Finekay (Tianjin) Valve Manufacturing Company announces the availability of a wide range of safety valves that can be used in various manufacturing plants and industries. These safety valves have been designed to meet the industrial safety standards, and they also have a bigger role in the environmental protection.

The spokesperson of the company maintains that their Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve is highly desirable for refineries, chemical plants and other facilities where the fixed atmospheric pressure tank is used. These relief valves help strengthen the security of the factories where these have been implemented. “We are well recognized by industries for supplying them with innovative and next generation security solutions that not only protect their plans but also bring down the cost significantly,” the spokesperson states.

Among several types of safety solutions, their Flame Arrester is remarkable to stop the spread of an accidental fire in any industrial process or plant. It helps in stopping the fuel consumption and extinguishes the flame to maintain the safety of the industrial environment. According to the spokesperson, Flame Arrester fire in a controlled location and helps protect the machines, men and the environment. In industrial units where explosive and easily ignitable mixtures are used, their flame arresters are a must-to-install safety device.

Nowadays, industries are becoming more conscious towards safety, and environmental conservation is also a bigger agenda for most of the industries of the present times. Moreover, strict industrial norms require industries to install essential safety devices in their production and other plants. This is the reason why Finekay reports a significant growth in the orders for their Emergency Pressure Relief Valve and other safety solutions. Moreover, they focus more on the R&D and bring out futuristic solutions that serve the purpose of the industries more efficiently. One may learn more about their different types of safety valves and other industrial safety solutions by visiting their website http://bmw050176.chinaw3.com

About Finekay (Tianjin) Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Finekay is a pioneer in the field of global steam, process safety and flow-control solutions. It also provides the advanced products and services for the industrial safety. With its advanced quality product and solutions, it helps meet industrial demands. The company supplies equipment and protection solutions, helping companies to maintain a safer and more environment-friendly industrial environment.

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