Clarks Summit, Pa. — June 7 2016 - Today, Fine Line Living CEO and founder, Ms Tina Traver, spoke out regarding the recent report from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center that indicated the number of children being poisoned by ingesting essential oils has shown a significant increase over the last four years. The study was done in conjunction with the Tennessee Poison Control Center located at the university.

“It's always disconcerting to hear news like this, even more so when it involves children” Traver said. “Although we are not in the business of selling essential oils, every one of the products that we offer use these oils and we take great care to inform our customers that these essential oils should be kept away from children at all times.”

The study indicated that the majority of the cases reported were due to children actually drinking the essential oils. A small number of cases were due to having too much oil placed on the skin of the child.

“Although essential oils have many wonderful medicinal benefits, you need to treat your oils just like you would any prescription medicine that comes from your family doctor. And to me, that means put away safely so your children won't be tempted.” added Traver.

Ms Traver went on to add, “It's no secret that more people are turning to essential oils for the health benefits. What this usually means is that households have a whole variety of oils in various places around the home. This is one of the reasons why we developed our EVP-70 Essential Oil Case. Not only will it store up to 40 bottles of oil, but it can be locked securely to keep children away.”

The EVP-70 Essential Oil Carrying Case is now available in two colors, blue and black, at If you are using essential oils to help with the health of your family, this innovative new case can give you peace of mind by storing all your oils in one place securely.

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