West Des Moines, Iowa — Fine Art Investments is offering a new approach to the process of selling antique Tiffany lamps. A brokerage firm operating since 1972, Fine Art Investments takes care to find the right buyer for each piece and handles all facets of the transaction so sellers can rest assured they will receive the best possible price for their authentic Tiffany lamp.

The process used to be that those in the market for antique Tiffany lamp shades often relied on the word of trusted advisors when making a bid. This can mean a long and drawn-out purchasing process for old Tiffany lamp buyers and waiting periods for those who have Tiffany lamps for sale.

However, instead of using this outdated system, smart Tiffany Studios lamp collectors and owners are turning to an easier and safer way to sell their authentic antique Tiffany lamp . With the help of a sales broker such as Fine Art Investments, the entire Tiffany lamp appraisal process and sale of a lamp or lamps can be shortened and streamlined while still offering valid Tiffany lamp appraisals and profitable sales to the seller. Fine Art Investments is a brokerage firm that helps buyers and sellers avoid the pitfalls of the auction system and dealers who must cut into the seller’s profit in order to stay in business.

Tiffany lamp buyers are willing to pay top dollar for quality products, especially if they are in very good condition. However, buyers also want to be sure that they secure a valid antique Tiffany lamp appraisal from a qualified appraiser before they invest substantial money in purchasing an antique Tiffany lamp.

Fine Art Investments guarantees the price to the seller in writing for the sale of a Tiffany Studios lamp. A professional leading brokerage service including qualified Tiffany lamp appraisers, Fine Art Investments can authenticate all offerings and secure the right buyer for each piece. Not only does Fine Art Investment offer Tiffany lamps appraisals; the company also matches the right buyers with each seller to facilitate quick sales at a top price for the seller. Best of all, Fine Art Investments never charges the seller any fees or other costs.

With 29 years as an Affiliate Member of the International Society of Appraisers, the experts at Fine Art Investments can quickly evaluate the proper sales price for an antique Tiffany Studios lamp and find the right buyer for the lamp. Fine Art Investments will facilitate every aspect of the sale to ensure that sellers receive the best possible price.

About Fine Art Investments:

Fine Art Investments is a brokerage firm that specializes in selling authentic, antique Tiffany lamps to interested buyers. The professionals at Fine Art Investments have more than 41 years of experience in evaluating and brokering authentic antique Tiffany products.

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