FYC Apparel launches Summer 2016 inspirational campaign and new women’s leggings

JUNE 16, 2016 - The team at FindYourCoast (FYC) Apparel is thrilled to announce the launch of brand new summer campaign alongside the release of their new women’s leggings collection.

The Summer 2016 FYCKit campaign was created to inspire people to go out and do what they love. “Do what you love and shake off your burdens, get yourself in your own groove,” said the FYC team.

The campaign launched in June 2016 and inspires people to surf, fish, dive, explore, spend time at the beach, do surf/ocean photography, and enjoy anything else they want to do for fun. About their FYCKit campaign, the FYC team said, “Don’t just say it in a bad way. Say it with some passion and the idea that you can break out of a mundane routine to go after that activity that puts a smile on your face and a fire in your heart.”

Alongside the announcement of their summertime campaign comes the release of FYC women’s leggings. This new collection of women’s leggings includes premium quality, made in the USA leggings that feature original, unique designs.

The new FYC women’s leggings offer four-way stretch, meaning the fabric stretches and recovers on both cross and lengthwise grains. Each pair offers an elastic waistband and is made with smooth, comfortable microfiber yarn. FYC women’s leggings are now available in four sizes ranging from XS to L. The premium leggings can now be found in many new styles at the FYC website.

FYC is excited to launch their Summer 2016 FYCKit campaign, as well as their line of premier women’s leggings.

Women and men can find a wide selection of high quality coastal culture apparel at FYC, as well as accessories, hats, limited edition items, and more. Further details can be found at https://www.findyourcoast.com/.

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