Any small company that has started to increase its income and profits will be tempted to upgrade and find a better, larger, and more suitable location that can be transformed into the base of operations. However, when we sign our new hyreskontrakt, we should figure out whether that will be a temporary or a permanent base for our company, as each of these choices has a major impact on our finances.

                As the market is continually changing and expanding, no matter what kind of business we’re running, we’ll always be posed with the question of whether to settle in one place, investing in the acquisition of a kontor, or whether we should stay mobile and watch out for new expansion opportunities. There is, beyond any doubt, a need for a fixed base of operations, headquarters as it were, a place that we know is ours and from which no one can tell us to leave. Purchasing immobile assets, real estate, is a good thing for any company, as it increases the market value of the company and can be done through a hyreskontrakt. Furthermore, if we’re looking to expand and would like to take out a loan from a bank, the fact that we have immobile assets can work to our advantage, allowing us to borrow more.

                There are, beyond any doubt, certain downsides to purchasing a building or a space that we’ll use for our kontor. If we don’t have enough money to ensure the completion of the purchase in a short period of time, and as a small company we probably don’t, then we’ll be facing a period of financial restrictions until the hyreskontract is paid off. While this may not sound like such a bad thing, the fact that we have a limited cash flow means that we’ll be less capable of adapting to new situations that arise on the market and won’t be able to keep up with our competitors. Furthermore, even if we don’t have that many competitors, without financial backup we won’t be able to take on certain opportunities that arise and which would have guaranteed more success for our company.

                Not being able to adapt to the situations on the market can mean anything from losing certain opportunities to increase our company’s clients and partners to downright not being able to stop our company from falling into bankruptcy. The consequences can be dire, and we won’t be the only ones to suffer. Whenever making an investment into a kontor we need to think about our employees as well, and we need to do so in the most practical way possible. That means taking into consideration their long term trust in our company and their physical and psychological wellbeing. Nothing will spell out the demise of our company faster than the inability to look after our assets, and employees are the most valuable asset that a company has. If we’re looking for an easy way to find a new office for our company and employees, then instead of looking at the newspaper ads we should check out the websites that centralize these offers, acting like a lesion between those that have free spaces and those that are looking to sign a hyreskontrakt for a new space.


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