Orlando, FL — Finding knowledgeable legal advice can be a challenge for many Floridians. Many businesses and individuals often become confused by all the hype ads and promises, made by some of the questionable law firms they see on TV and in other media advertising.

Today it seems like more then ever, the need for sound, reliable legal advise and representation has become a necessity for many. From the many foreclosures on homes and businesses to the recent hurricanes, expert legal advise is imperative.
Who can you trust when in need of an attorney? 

According to Michele Diglio-Benkiran of Benkiran Law Firm, you to need too look for several things when choosing representation. “Not all law firms are alike. Depending on a clients situation the experience of the attorney representing them is critical.” Benkiran said.

“Here in Florida for instance we have the worst record in the U.S. for mortgage fraud. Of the mortgage loans made in Florida, 15% involved deceptions where lenders provided credit to borrowers who were not eligible. Without knowledgeable legal help, many homeowners are never aware of a problem until it is too late to save their homes.” Benkiran stated

Benkiran Law Firm, P.A. Was founded in 2001 and is based on principals of diligent representation, application of business knowledge and personal experience to “real life” situations, and “after hours” accessibility. 
According to their website http://benkiranlaw.com/ 

Joel Jackson Frick was recently added as a partner to the firm. He was made a partner mainly for his experience in many different areas of law, including personal injury and medical malpractice. He also has expertise in foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, as well as family law.

Finding the right representation in business and personal legal matters, is really a matter of simply asking the right questions and selecting a versatile law firm, that is qualified to meet the needs of each individual.

If you would like more information or ask questions with Michele Diglio-Benkiran or Joel Jackson Frick, call the Benkiran Law Firm, 407 401-8661or visit their website, http://benkiranlaw.com/ 

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