Bangkok is one of the top three most visited cities in the world and it’s probably the most fascinating metropolis in Asia. It never seems to be enough time for experiencing everything this amazing city has to offer, and that’s one the reasons why most tourists love to return here each year. Finding accommodation in Bangkok is quite an easy task, but if you’re looking for luxury and unique architecture and style learn more about Sukhothai and Millennium Residence.


Touristic attractions in Bangkok are so numerous and so fascinating that it makes it a bit difficult to only refer to some of them, but since we are referring to unique buildings for rentals, than let’s also discover what makes this city unique in itself. Maybe the largest and oldest temple in the world, also called wat, its full name is Wat Phra Chetuphon, Thasis, this place also being renowned as the best place in the world for getting a famous Thai massage. Then there is the Grand Palace, which is the most famous temple of the Emerald Buddha, and it is of great popularity among international tourists. What else would absolutely impress you by its architecture and cultural importance is the Temple of the Dawn. This entire landmark is absolutely amazing, and it makes it almost impossible to describe. Here you will find the largest museum in South East Asia and it will certainly give a strong insight of Thai culture, history, art and religion. Another Bangkok splendor you should not miss is the Floating Market. By having a boat journey you’ll be able to have a look at so many exotic fruit and vegetable along street-side stalls. Well, this was only an extremely short exposure of Bangkok’s unique touristic wonders, but there is definitely so much more you can discover into the heart of Thailand.


Traditional Thai architecture combines into such a lovely manner with skyscrapers and business districts with modern style of building designs. Western investors find it very profitable to develop construction projects here, and considering the amount of tourists increasing each year, it seems indeed an advantageous plan to invest more into new opportunities for accommodation. 


One of these very unique architectural designs is the Millennium Residence combo. It has a fabulous city view and is endowed with a high level of luxury and futuristic concept decoration. Among other facilities offered by Millennium Residence you can dispose of an Olympic size pool, clubhouses, fitness centers, sauna, reception areas and more. Having a stay at the Millennium Residence will turn into an unforgettable and unique experience, besides from here you are very close to discovering Bangkok’s nightlife, international restaurants, galleries and other hot spots.


Opulent taste and stunning simplicity are wonderfully blended together in the style of Sukhothai Residence. In terms of uniqueness Sukhothai Residence represents indeed an excellent exposure of master piece architecture. Considering premium services you can dispose of a fantastic lounge in the sky for memorable occasions. You can also take advantage of fascinating swimming pools, and plenty other Sukhothai Residence fabulous facilities. Luxury is at its best with this amazing building, therefore having a stay at this incredible residence will create an experience to remember for a life time.

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