In case you are planning an exotic holiday with your family this summer, you could consider visiting Brisbane or Sydney, which are some of the most popular Australian destinations. There are plenty of opportunities to do and to visit and I’m sure will not get bored. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane River, New Farm Park, South Bank and Queen Street Mall are some of the most visited sights from Brisbane, attracting millions of tourists every year. Regarding Sydney, this is the most popular Australian city and the largest one, as well. Everybody has probably heard of Opera House and the Harbour Bridge which are the landmarks of this amazing city. In order to satisfy as many tourists as possible, there are many accommodation opportunities, from low budget apartments and hotels to the most luxurious ones, for the pickiest clients. Nowadays, most of tourists prefer renting for short or long-term serviced apartments Brisbane and serviced apartments Sydney.


Sydney is a magnificent city and I’m sure will share this opinion, after visiting it. As there are many things to do, for which you’ll need to have all the necessary energy, you will need to find a comfortable accommodation to rest during nights. Serviced apartments Sydney have become some of the most popular types of accommodation due to numerous advantages. In the first place, they are considered to be the most cost- effective solution for tourists, especially when they are travelling in groups or with their families. Secondly, customers have the possibility to choose the size of the apartment, taking into consideration the number of the persons. Thirdly, all these serviced apartments Sydney are improved with modern facilities: king sized beds in bedrooms, TV cable, Internet connection, washing machine, swimming pool facilities, gym etc. “Corporate Keys” will know exactly how to tailor their services in order to satisfy all your requirements. For more information regarding this company and their services, you are invited to check out their website.


If you have decided to go to Brisbane this summer, you will surely have a blast in this remarkable city. Regarding the accommodation, just like in the other case, you should definitely check out serviced apartments Brisbane, known for their convenience, affordable prices and privacy. This form of accommodation is recommended for those tourists who need the comfort of a home. There are multiple possibilities regarding these serviced apartments Brisbane, from low budget ones to luxurious apartments, for the pretentious clients who need the latest facilities. The majority of these apartments provided by Corporate Keys are situated in the centre of the city or close enough for clients to have access to the most popular sights. So, if you are curious to see how they look like and what facilities are offered, you need to check out the website of “Corporate Keys” and explore all your options.

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