There is a lack of information for those who wear contact lenses, and the consequences that may occur are dissatisfaction with the quality of lenses or, in a more unfortunate situation, eye problems. Contact lenses are medical devices that have a validity term and a certain period of usage. It is the same as in the case of food; they have an expiration date printed on the package and from the time of opening, when they come in contact with air, it is recommended for them to be worn within a certain period of time. Each box of lenses has the following words inscribed: mm / yyyy, which stand for the validity of contact lenses. When you buy contact lenses you have to make sure they are not expired and also you have to pay attention to the period of time they can be worn. Acuvue contact lenses can be found in a great variety, so that each user could choose according to his/her needs.


According to the replacement period you can find contact lenses for one day which are applied on the eyes, taken off at the end of the day and then thrown away. You can also find contact lenses for two weeks with daytime wear (which are removed at night) or for one week with continuous wear mode (including during sleep). Depending on how you wear them, they can be used for 2 weeks (if worn 10-12 hours per day) or 1 week if you choose to wear them continuously (day and night).


Another type of contact lenses is represented by those used for a month after opening the blister and you can either wear them during the day, for 10-12 hours, or continuously (day and night), depending on what you choose. Contact lenses that can be worn for one year are hydrogel lenses (a more rigid material), which can be worn 10-12 hours per day. The risk is that the lenses should break during this period. You should pay attention to lenses that can be used during the day only, as it is very important not to wear them during sleep too. Your eyes won’t receive enough oxygen. You can choose Acuvue contact lenses of the type you desire in order to benefit from their advantages.


According to the wearing period contact lenses can be: disposable contacts (you don’t sleep with them on the eyes and you throw them away at the end of the day); daily contacts (before bedtime they are removed from the eye after having worn them for 10 to 12 hours, you put them in solution overnight, and the next day you apply them again); continuous contacts (the level of oxygen through the lens of the eyes allows you to sleep with them on the eyes, they may be worn continuously, day and night, during a period of 1 week or 1 month). You should know all these details before you buy contact lenses.



Acuvue contact lenses are a good solution for those who want to feel worry free because they can offer clear vision and a high level of comfort. If you need to buy contact lenses you should consider all the characteristics of the lenses so that you could make the right choice.