Modern computer uses apply numerous applications which simplify various tasks and allow completing them quickly and easily. Modern IT market is crammed with computer programs designed for performing various tasks. Thus, you only need to complete a little online investigation and choose the app that meets your requirements. When choosing software you also need to pay attention to the reputation of the software developing company, because you should get a powerful app and excellent customer support services.

If you are looking for a  directory listing  and reporting software, pay a visit to This company is quite young but offers powerful and easy-to-use tools for Microsoft Windows. The main aim of the company’s owners and developers is to create advanced and intuitive applications, so that any user could easily implement it. If you need reporting software for generating analytical directory reports or directory lists, SagaxSoft is the best place to visit. The offered app will create reports on various directories and files stored on FTP servers, hard disks, or network folders. With the help of this directory report software, you will be able to create eighteen accurate reports on the content of any disk or folder. All reports can be easily saved and printed in PDF and HTML format. Besides, the app enables archiving and then sending your reports by email. Moreover, the software offers built-in browser functions that make navigation through the reports easy and convenient. This means, you can view the directories without leaving the app.  

As already mentioned, to get the best application for your money, it is crucial to find a reputable software developing company. Since the competition between such companies is rather tough, you need to be very selective and compare several options. SagaxSoft tries to attract customers by offering quality products and superior customer support services. They respect the needs of each customer and therefore are eager to analyze both positive and negative reviews. Therefore, if you have any questions or problems while using the app, feel free to contact their customer support team, which is available round-the-clock. You will receive a qualified and detailed response in less than four hours.

Of course, the market is crammed with similar applications, however SagaxSoft offers certain unique features that no other app can offer. Many applications are limited with show-folder-case capabilities. To make sure the application is really unique and meets your requirements you may download a free trial version. In doing this, you will reveal all features offered by this software and will decide whether or not it meets your requirements.

Though SagaxSoft is a comparatively young company, it offers quality software and is able to satisfy even the most particular needs. If you want to get an excellent app pay a visit to

About the Company is a new but reliable software developing company, offering powerful and user-friendly tools for Microsoft Word. The company can offer advanced directory listing app -