Why networking? There are many reasons, most having to do with networking, communicating with and meeting new people on the Net. There are other reasons too, some of which have to do with meeting old friends. Other's have to do with meeting people with similar interests. Today the need to communicate has become important as people require information, which is not very easy to acquire.
GBN4ME here gives an opportunity to Media fashion and Entertainment fraternity to communicate and thus expand there knowledge base, GBN4ME strives to bringing people from Media, Fashion and Entertainment industry together and thus raising the bar higher from social networking to quality business networking.

From the Founder,” I always wondered that if people were interested to bind together on common socio-platform then why not use the same forum to connect the entire globe for the purpose of business, thus raising the bar higher from social networking to quality business networking.” Sudhanshu Srivastava.

As per Mr. Srivastava “GBN4ME is a business networking website for the media, fashion & entertainment industry, our sole vision & mission is to integrate professionals & amateurs from the industry on one platform, giving it a touch of what is called integrated globalization. GBN4ME would help people make contacts and nurture their network. One can not only grow their business in terms of making prolific acquaintances but also to build a career, from finding the right people to leading the right people, or if nothing else, just stay connected with the professionals.“
Members can join special networks and groups related to their industry, interests or location to become a part of the global community. GBN4ME is one networking site where the entire world of media, fashion & entertainment industry crashes over for networking and exchange of information. Not only that, organizations can set up a network on GBN4ME to help fellow members bond with each other, and also help you recruit new members and publicize your events.
Officially the site would be launched in the first week of august, 09.

Mr. Srivastava quotes that “The site is in its initial stage and we are tying up with different event organizations and information sources for providing the first hand experience to our subscribers.”
For more info: www.gbn4me.com