China - Being a part of SYOPTEK, Tools knows that free shipping can come handy to attract new and existing customers. The firm has announced free shipping on several products in its catalog. It’s the online source for fiber optic tools and kits; it supplies a wide range of items, which offers effective wet and dry cleaning of fiber connectors and optics.

The company has expanded its service area to many other regions and included structured cabling, fiber optic installations, wireless networks, and more. In order to succeed the competition, the firm is constantly marinating, updating their catalog, and offering some attractive offers.

Fiber optics is one of the fastest growing and most wide-spread fields across the globe, and the head of online marketing of the company stated -“Whether its coaxer fiber or copper, we intend to save money and time with ergonomic tools, and rugged, reliable test sets. Fiber optics lets signal to pass via episodic manner; we take responsibility for the maintenance and installation of cables and also offer cleaning materials to keep them crystal clear.”

The new No-Polish connector kit with fiber checker and fiber cleaver is being offered at just $620 and the company promises to ship it within 24 hours. The actual cost of the kit is $940, and customers can save$320, and likewise there are many other products in their line-up that offer great savings to the customers.

ST, FC, and SC Epoxy Termination Kits are also provided by; such kits include a range of fiber optic hand tools and polishing materials, and g offered at $552 per set, offering discount of $170. The product weighs just 6.4kgs and Western Union and Wire Transfer payment methods are accepted.

The website is dedicated to help customers prepare the fiber for installation, termination, and cleaning.

About the Company offers and recommends only those equipment and tools, which we use. Many of the expensive test equipment and tools are unnecessary; company supplies high quality and essential items only.

And, now it is currently offering heavy discounts across several items in its inventory, backed by complimentary shipping option to entice more customers.

For further info, visit the official website