US - The outstanding advantages of fiber optic cables can only be leveraged to the maximum when there is a way to terminate them so that a connection can be made between them. FiberOpticTools.Net recently launched a new line of fiber termination kit at discounted prices. Each of these kits is designed for addressing specific purposes. All types of fiber optic cables can be handled with at least one of these termination kits.

Some of the kits included in the new line of termination kits are No Polish Connector Kit, Fast Connection Termination Kit, SC, FC, ST Epoxy Fiber Termination Kit and many more. All these kits purchased at the ecommerce store can be delivered to the customer within 24 hours with most of them coming no shipping charges. The pricing of these termination kits start at $552.00 per set.

Throwing light on the importance of fiber termination kits, the owner of the company stated - “All the magical advantages of fiber optic cables come into play only when you also have a ready plan for terminating them. Only then it would be possible making a connection in between the cables. This is the reason we have come with an entire section dedicated to fiber termination kit through which we currently offer them at discounted prices.”

Elaborating on the range of kits available in the latest line-up, one of the senior officials was quoted as saying -“Apart from strippers, cleavers and splicers, we have also got many all-in-one kits that also feature all you need for preparing your fiber optic cables for termination. We are more than sure that our inventory would have something or the other for everyone.”

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FiberOpticTools.Net offers a wide range of fiber optic products such as fiber stripper, fiber optic scribe, fiber cleaver, installation toolkit, fiber optic splicing kit, fiber termination kit, and much more.

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