China - Fiber optic is very crucial part of today¡¯s human world as its main function of single and information transmission. Without this part, people could not enjoy the Internet and other communication methods. For this essential part of civilization society of human, the daily cleaning for them is very necessary and high efficiency cleaning should be based on the using of high quality fiber optic cleaning kit equipment.

As most of people know, each part of the fiber optic connector is ultra-precision machining devices and the surface of its connection end is also the mirror-polished type. The purpose of it should ensure the correct optical signal through the center conductive portion of optical fiber which only has a diameter of 0. 01 mm. People could image the influence of one small dust blocking which will totally interrupted the light signal.

According to latest research of famous China one click cleaner online seller, 80 percent of fiber optic transmission failures are mainly caused by dust or other kind of dirt. The contaminated condition to the surface of the optical connector could cause into the following various problems.

First, the blocking of these dirties could completely block the optical signal into these conductive devices. This is because the fiber optic is micro-size signal transmission device and the small dust will easily affect the signal.

Second, the light reflection generated at the connection point which cause by the blocked dust or other dirties will lead to the damage of these sending end equipments and devices. The reflected high-energy laser will easily burn the connecting end of the device

Thirdly, the blocking dust will significant reduce the strength of the optical signal through the fiber optic.

Generally speaking, the dust and contaminants attached on the surface of the optical connector cannot be visually observed as the micro size of these dirties . Due to the above hazards, each operator must adopt the special high purity device which is also known as the fiber optic cleaning kit to prior to clean the connector before the connecting of these devices. Please remember that the normally cleaning tools could not be adopted to do this job. is the famous online supplier for all kind of fiber optic cleaning devices. Their high quality products could effectively and completely clean the surface the fiber optic connector and ensure the normal using of optical transmission equipments and devices. If people want to know more information about their equipments, please do not hesitate to visit their website.

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