It was just announced that Fernando Triff will be playing on the last night of the SXSW Music Festival and the music industry has started talking about this talented singer once again. He was announced as one of the surprised guests, giving all of his fans a huge shock. But this talented and driven young man is about to take the stage by storm and give everyone a very musically driven night. Mentioned among names like Drake, there is no better place to be.

The Brazilian born singer is based out of Hollywood now and writes his own songs. From the age of 16 he has worked hard to write the songs that he is passionate about and furthermore, make it to the top. With motivation and persistence, he has been able to do just that. He debuted on the scene with his song, “Blessing like Swagger" that is an upbeat, fun, and quite catchy song has both pop and rock elements blending together in a great combination. He released the song in July of 2014 and it ended up debuting at number #61 on the international iTunes chart.

Since then, Fernando has released a number of other songs that have kept his fans engaged and supporting him. He has stayed on the music charts with his popular songs, and continues to write songs that inspire him and move him in his career. After playing SXSW, it will be interesting to see where his career takes him.

Starting from the bottom, Fernando Triff has made it to the top by hard work and his dedication to good music. He has now inspired many others in the industry that are up and coming, and he also takes inspiration from those around him. Thanks to Twitter, he can easily connect with those that love him, including other musicians, and he can especially connect with all of his fans. That is one of the greatest things about social media today.

Thanks to Zignal Labs, musicians these days are getting more data on their real time trends compared to before. They can see exactly how popular they are and just where they are trending worldwide. That has helped Fernando Triff to see just how much his career has grown since he started and it is a huge help to see where his fans are and just who all is excited for his guest spot at SXSW.

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