Charlotte, N.C. — After years of helping thousands of people throughout Australia reduce stress in their lives and improve their quality of sleep, FeelGood IQ & Sleep IQ are now available to a worldwide audience.

FeelGood IQ & Sleep IQ are cost effective and perfectly safe downloadable digital audio programs that work by effectively retraining your body’s powerhouse — the brain, into resetting your breathing, bio-rhythms and stress responses, resulting in deeper relaxation and sounder sleeping patterns.

The programs were developed by Dr. Jason Gregg, an authority on brainwave stimulation and dynamic psychological techniques, who has also spent years researching the effect of modified sounds on the subconscious mind, and how they can improve different behaviors. After helping thousands of individuals with everything from sport, weight control and smoking, he turned his attention to creating a powerful stress and lifestyle program to help people sleep well and become stress free.

“Users report a deeper sleep than they can remember and the quality is high, sometimes requiring less hours, but of such a high quality they awake refreshed and less stressed. Even if they have fallen asleep during the audio program, the brain’s subconscious mind still absorbs it,” said Pete Nicholson, Founder and Director of FeelGood IQ.

The programs can be downloaded straight to a user’s laptop, tablet, or smartphone by simply visiting

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