30, December 2016: Truthfully, riders are able to have the feeling of flying by riding Airwheel X and Q series self-balancing electric scooter due to the riding posture.

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Both Airwheel X and Q series electric self-balancing scooters support a very unique way of riding by regulating the scooter through body movements. In fact, many riders love this kind of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter riding because of the excitement, entertainment and pleasures from riding like flying.


X-series with X3 and X8is characterized by its single-wheeled structure. On the contrary, it scares away a good many of common users because of its structure. Compared with an advantage of X-series, the single-wheeled structure is more a disadvantage in eyes of a skillful rider adept in steering scooter. Excellent agility on electric one wheel is conferred by the single-wheel structure.


Q-series, including Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q6 twin-wheeled electric scooter is upgraded from the version of X-series. Based on X-series, the structure of Q-series self-balancing electric scooter has been changed a little, two-wheeled structure replacing the single wheeled. That's one small change for structure, one giant leap for sheer creation. Enjoying the excellent balance and being easier to use, the Q-series earned colossal popularities.


Riders can free their two hands and stretch their arms to embrace the breeze and fresh air by riding with the Airwheel X and Q series. Many riders will close the eyes for a while with two arms stretching out like wings, feeling the pleasure of flying, and this happiness can hardly be experienced by driving cars or bicycling. For those people who have to sit all day long in house, riding Airwheel electric skateboards is really comfortable and beneficial to health.


Comparatively, Airwheel single-wheeled electric scooter is more welcomed by young male riders who consider Airwheel electric walkcar riding as a fashionable and cool activity, and many young boys tend to play stunts on single-wheeled scooters for fun. However, Airwheel twin-wheeled electric self-balancing scooter is more beloved by female riders because the twin-wheeled design is more favorable to keep a good balance.


Whether the Airwheel electric unicycle or twin-wheeled electric scooter, riders can enjoy the special way of riding, pleasurable, healthy and environmentally-friendly.

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