Louisville, KY — A book published by Books, Authors, and Artists, the publishing division of internet marketing KY, LLC, hit the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller List in its category over December 2012.

Books, Authors, And Artists, a new ebook publishing company, released Scrooge And Marley in late November. The book achieved bestseller status during December when it made the Top 100 Bestseller List in its category on Amazon.

S. J. Dagg, an Amazon reviewer, gave the book a four-star rating and said: “it makes for a very good story! There is also an interesting twist at the end. […] Dickens would have enjoyed Scrooge And Marley very much indeed.”

Kef Hollenbach, owner of Internet Marketing KY, explained, “My father, Karl F. Hollenbach, is an independent author and publisher who has never seriously approached the larger publishing houses, even after some of his works received very good reviews. With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, I found an avenue for publishing his life-works.

After 3 months and five books published, I am just beginning to appreciate my father’s talent, the messages he wishes to convey, and the power of the Amazon Kindle reading environment.

Internet marketing KY, LLC is assembling talented artists and professionals to assist other authors successful publication at Amazon and other venues, worldwide.”

About Books, Authors, and Artists

Books, Authors, And Artists is the publishing division of internet marketing KY, LLC. It specializes in book publication by enhancing the public awareness of selected authors, both new and previously published. Additionally, visual artists who participate by creating graphics and artwork are featured.

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