Many of the leading appliance companies have a past that stretches far back into history, well before 1900. These companies have relied on years of design and development advancements as well as a strong base of support for all of their research and manufacturing. There is one company that is not only relatively new, but has become a trusted manufacturer and created a loyal base of customers that will not sway from this brand. Going back to just 1981, Viking began its journey by creating its first line of gas kitchen ranges, but it quickly moved on to turn into a coveted brand that is seen in houses and businesses around the world.

In just under 30 years, Viking has created a team of researchers and an efficient manufacturing system that allows them to produce some of the most affordable and effective appliances on the market. At the beginning, they have been known for their wide range of ranges, but they now produce appliances that can be used around the kitchen and come with world-class features that cooks of all kinds have come to rely on.

Viking varies are not only found in the home, but in restaurants of all styles and genres. This means that the company focuses their attention on producing quality appliances that will stand up to abuse every single day and still save users time and money. They also offer some of the most unique combination units that save space and can add an unique look to any kitchen. Their freestanding ranges incorporate some of the leading features found on their built-in ranges, and they also include options such as warming drawers, ovens, and even smokers. For home owners that would like more convenient options and quicker cooking methods, they also provide customers with some of the most advanced cooktops and microwaves on the market.

Moving from the cooking of food to the cooling of food, Viking also offers a full line of fridges and refrigeration units that have been developed to fit any budget and any kitchen. Their built-in fridges come at an affordable price and many incorporate the Energy Star logo. This means that owners will be able to enjoy a more efficient appliance as well as minimize their energy bills.

Along with almost all of Viking's appliances comes a signature 3 year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty is one of the most strong and inclusive options that are available nowadays, and it outlines just how confident this company is with every single product that they offer.

Viking has come to show that it does not need years on end to create some of the leading appliances and kitchen devices. They continue to push the envelope for advanced features and options on all of their products throughout the home.

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