UK, 05, May 2016: Furniture shaped out of natural elements like stone, wood, cane or bamboo is not only durable but also accentuate the surroundings or environs where these are set up. Rattan cane which is more popularly known as manila or Malacca is sourced from about 600 species of palm that thrive in Asia, Australasia and Africa to manufacture a variety of furniture items that are widely used both outdoors and indoors. Rattan being an incredibly hardy material is used for making sofas, chairs, tables, flower pots, dining sets, planters, window boxes, gazebos, trellises, and a host of other products.

FeatureDECO is a business organization based in UK that sources a comprehensive range of drawing room, dining room, and garden furniture from countries in the Far East. The company also designs and supplies an array of furniture including but not limited to rattan corner sofa, wicker garden furniture, rattan corner dining set, modular garden furniture, and cheap rattan garden furniture. Besides its real-time offices in London and Manchester, and its manufacturing unit in Bentley Lane Industrial Park in Walsall, the company has an online store as well that has been operative since 2005.

FeatureDECO has been supplying the aforementioned furniture items since long both from its online and offline outlets and till date has processed and delivered orders of more than 1,00, 000 clients. The organization counts ParK Resorts, Harvester Salad & Grill, Grosvenor, Marriott, Holiday Inn, and ITV amongst its reputed and steadfast customers. Presently, the enterprise offers a 5-year warranty on all items it supplies and one can rest assured about the premium quality of the products in which the business deals in. The commercial entity makes it sure that all orders for rattan furniture it processes completely satisfy the stringent standards of functionality, design, and comfort that have been set by the company right from the day it went commercial.

Additionally, all categories of rattan furniture including rattan cube garden furniture are equipped with corrosion-proof encrusted aluminum frameworks that add an extraordinary hardiness to the items. This ensures that the products are able to resist the wear and tear associated with the vagaries of weather. Furthermore, the items are fully UV resistant and hardly require any maintenance. FeatureDECO not only accepts orders for standardized rattan furniture sets but also has the experience and acumen to design a complete set from scratch as per your specifications and preferences. It makes good business sense to source industrial, commercial or domestic furniture requirements from the company.

Firstly, FeatureDECO is able to supply its items at highly competitive rates that cannot be matched by competitors. Secondly, the items appear appealing as well as they an extended use-by dates since the same is designed and produced in-house. Finally, one can expect his or her specific order to be delivered within 24 hours or by the next day to his or her preferred address.

About Us

FeatureDECO is an UK-based commercial organization that imports, designs, manufactures and distributes a sweeping range of furniture items made from rattan to both individual and industrial clientele.