The Featherstone Company launches new state-of-the-art HVAC services for the people of Manassas, Prince William County in Virginia. The company has officially embarked upon the path to becoming the city’s best HVAC firm. It is going to acquire advanced technological equipment and train technicians according to modern requirements.

The Featherstone Company is a popular service provider in the domain of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning services and solutions. The company has earned a great deal of reputation due to its quality services at highly affordable rates. In order to take their service quality to the next level, the company has recently launched advanced air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, gas furnace repair and installation, and heating installation and repair.

At the latest company’s convention, the CEO announced that owing to the changing needs and clients’ requirements, the company is about to launch cutting edge technological equipment. It will make the company unique of its kind in Virginia. The services will include centralized air conditioning systems, advance cooling mechanisms and repairing. In order to make the advanced equipment functional, the CEO reiterated to train the company’s employees and technicians accordingly. With all new equipment and highly trained technicians, the Featherstone is definitely going to establish itself as the leader in HVAC solutions.

Twenty years ago, the people of Manassas were craving for a company that could provide them quality services regarding air conditioning and heating installation and repairing. At that time, Featherstone emerged as a solution to all of their problems. With the passage of time, the clients’ expectations increased and the company’s performance also increased to complement those expectations. The company’s clients have asked for various services and updates over the past years and the company has provided with all of their requirements.

According to the Featherstone’s CEO, the clients are the top priority for them. Owing to this, the company runs an efficient customer care and response center. The vigilant staff is ready to listen to queries round the clock and throughout the year. Lately, the company received customer suggestions about repairing walk-in coolers and freezers. Since the company takes the customer suggestions very seriously, they have launched the walk-in coolers and freezers repairing services.

The Featherstone Company is intended to become the leader in the air conditioning services. It has been providing air conditioning repair services to both commercial and residential customers in Northern Virginia and the Washington for over 40 years.


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