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Looking for quality pipeline analysis services for FEA engineering project needs?

FEA Outsourcing is a leading india based finite element analysis service provider firm. We provide wide range of FEA services including thermal

analysis, pipeline analysis, linear and non linear analysis, static and dynamic analysis, fatigue analysis and crash analysis services to the


Outsource your FEA pipeline analysis related needs to us and save up to 60% on

your project cost. There is No Hidden Cost.

We have highly qualified and expert FEA engineers that have extensive experience in FEA engineering industries. Our expert team use software for

FEA analysis including CAESAR II, Abaqus, Code R6, Code R6, FeSafe, CFDesign, Adams etc.

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We provide FEA Pipeline Analysis Services include:

  • Vibration measurement
  • Fatigue failure investigation
  • Flexibility and stress calculation
  • Static and dynamic simulations
  • Loading measurement on equipment nozzles
  • Design selection and solutions
  • Pipe analysis consulting services

Several factors are taken into account during the analysis process. Operating conditions, wind loading effects, soil stiffness, soil friction,

and material flowing through pipelines are some of the main factors that are taken into account.

Our expert mechanical engineers are capable of conducting various types of analysis such as structural, thermal, fluid flow and coupled field

analysis. We have worked with several global engineering companies and have provided a wide range of finite element analysis (FEA) solutions to


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