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Linear buckling analysis can estimate the maximum load that can be supported prior to structural instability based on classic elastic buckling. Imperfections and nonlinearities tend to prevent most real structures from achieving their theoretical buckling strength, so the Eigen-value buckling load factors are therefore somewhat overestimated. To get a more accurate answer nonlinear analysis can be undertaken. Learn more at http://www.outsourcefeaservices.com/buckling-analysis.php

We can provide following services:

  • Linear buckling analysis
  • Non-linear buckling analysis
  • Rigid, flexible, and mixed body transient dynamics
  • Non-linear contact, non-linear friction and large deflection
  • Non-linear material effects such as stress or creep
  • Modal, Frequency, Eigen buckling analysis
  • Weld evaluation and inspection
  • Non-linear geometry
  • Failure analysis
  • Solid models migration from other CAD systems

Advantages of FEA Buckling Analysis:

  • Eliminate prototype costs
  • Accelerate product design cycles
  • Achieve Faster-time-to-market
  • Improve product performance

For a detailed structural buckling assessment a geometrically nonlinear analyses should be carried out. With this, material and boundary nonlinearity can also be investigated if found to be required. With a geometrically nonlinear analysis the stiffness matrix of the structure is automatically updated between loading increments to incorporate deformations which affect the structural behavior.

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